Nadiya Savchenko May Stay in Prison until May 13

Дата: 04 February 2015
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Member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) and People’s Deputy, Ukrainian pilot Nadiya Savchenko may be held in prison until May 13.

As reported by Savchenko’s lawyer Nikolay Polozov, on February 10 the Basmanny District Court of Moscow will consider the investigation’s petition in regards to extending her detention.

“Russian Investigative Committee officers are planning to leave PACE delegate Nadiya Savchenko, who has been on hunger strike for 54 days, in prison until May 13,” Polozov wrote on his twitter-page.

He speculated that Savchenko may not be allowed a court hearing.

“In order to not show how badly emaciated Savchenko is, they will very likely not bring her to the court on the grounds of her hospitalization,” said the lawyer.

He added that European organizations should be more actively involved in the fate of the PACE delegate Nadiya Savchenko.

Savchenko’s lawyer Mark Feygin also reported that Savchenko’s sister Vira arrived in Moscow, and he hopes for the two sisters to discuss the hunger strike.

In the meantime, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry noted in a statement that, by retaining Savchenko on falsified charges, Russia is grossly violating its obligations as a member of the Council of Europe and as member of a number of international conventions and bilateral agreements with Ukraine.


“We demand from Russia the immediate release of Nadiya Savchenko and all other Ukrainian political prisoners, discontinuation of the practice of refusing Ukraine consular officials access to our detained citizens, and access for international observers, including the PACE delegation,” says the statement.

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