Savchenko’s lawyers unveil SBU materials at court hearing

Дата: 04 February 2016
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The lawyers have unveiled the materials of the wiretaps of “LPR” representatives in the Donetsk Court of Rostov region of the Russian Federation, where the trial of Nadiya Savchenko is being held.

The transcript of the wiretaps was provided by the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), Radio Liberty reports.

The phone conversations of the “LPR” group leaders were wiretapped. One of such records, dated June 17-18, contains a message which “a platoon commander” named Sergei conveyed to militants’ leader Igor Plotnitsky. The words about “capture of a sniper” (meaning Nadiya Savchenko) were titled 10:46, June 17.

In such a way the lawyers are trying to prove that Savchenko had been already in the “LPR” captivity at the time of the death of Russian journalists (11:40, according to the expert opinion).

The lawyers also released a few records, probably involving Pavel Karpov, the Russian political consultant, former employee of the Presidential Administration of Russia. The lawyers insist that he directly supervised the transportation of Savchenko to Russia. Earlier, February 1, the court refused to summon Karpov and former leader of the “LPR” Valery Bolotov for questioning.

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