Lutkovska spoke with political prisoners in Crimea

Дата: 27 December 2016
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Valeria Lutkovska, Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights, had opportunity to meet with Ahtem Chiygoz, Ali Asanov and Mustafa Degermendzhi who are detained in Simferopol as defendants in the “February 26″ case.

As reported by Bogdan Kryklyvenko, Head of the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights, on his Facebook page.

According to him, the key issue in the case of these prisoners is political persecution which has nothing to do with jurisdiction, but causes a number of violations of human rights.

“For example, court hearing took place today and they were not provided with food, it was 3 pm and still have not eaten anything!”, – wrote Kryklyvenko.

Lawyer Mykola Polozov, who was present at the meeting, provided details of communication of prisoners with Ombudsmen.

According to him, meeting lasted about an hour and “despite significant group of attendants” it was held “without outsiders, who were left outside the office of investigator”.

During the meeting Ahtem Chiygoz stressed out the importance for citizens of Ukraine, who live in Crimea, and for Crimean Tatar People to “feel the formation of a strong, independent Ukraine – our country!”.

Chiygoz drew attention of the Ombudsmen to the repression against the Crimean Tatars. As well as to the obviously disproportionate aggression and rigidity on the part of law enforcement agencies in conducting searches, detentions and activities of judiciary system in Crimea.

According to Polozov, the possibility of an independent medical examination of Ahtem Chiygoz in a civilian medical facility outside the prison, as well as changing his preventive measure to non-custodial dictated by humanitarian considerations was also discussed.

Ahtem Chiygoz raised the issue of the extradition of the convicted citizens of Ukraine on the territory of Ukraine.

In conclusion Ahtem Chiygoz directed the attention of Ombudsmen to the process of “February 26” stressing out that the actions of the protesters, the speakers for the unity of Ukraine, were aimed at preserving the country’s territorial integrity and that the rally was held peacefully, without weapons, in accordance with the Constitution of Ukraine and the requirements of the legislation.

After meeting with Ahtem Chiygoz, the Ombudsmen Moskalkova and Lutkovska met with two other political prisoners in the “February 26” case Ali Asanov and Mustafa Degermendzhi.

“After this meeting I had the feeling that this is not the last visit of Valeria Lutkovska to the Crimea”, – concluded Polozov.

According to him, these common grounds in the humanitarian field can positively affect the fate of Chiygoz and other political prisoners.

As a reminder, on December 26 Valeria Lutkovska, Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights, arrived to Crimea intending to meet with the political prisoners who are detained in Crimea and with those who requested transfer to the mainland.

Bogdan Kryklyvenko, Head of the Secretariat of the Ombudsman, reported that Valeria Lutkovska was allowed to meet with 3 out of 42 prisoners held in the Crimea.

Ahtem Chiygoz was detained in January 2015 for participating in a rally in support of the territorial integrity of Ukraine in front of the Crimean parliament on February 26, 2014. Then protestors opposed the pro-Russian activists, including those from the Russian Unity. Russian de facto authorities of the annexed Crimea accused Chiygoz of organizing mass riots.

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