Ilmi Umerov released from psychiatric clinic

Дата: 07 September 2016
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Deputy Chairman of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people Ilmi Umerov has been released today from a psychiatric clinic in Simferopol, where the occupation authorities forcibly held him since August 18.

This was announced by relatives of Ilmi Umerov and his lawyers, Mark Feygin and Nikolai Polozov.

We have taken away father after the forced illegal ‘examination’. Even 21 days of confinement in a mental hospital cannot break the spirit of a man like Ilmi. Imeddiately after he was released, we went to the courthouse, where the next hearing in the case of Akhtem Chiygoz is held,” daughter Aishe Umerova posted on Facebook.

According to her, a meeting of the medical commission of the examination has been held today. The commission concluded that Ilmi Umer is absolutely mentally healthy.

Aishe Umerova recalls that a hearing will be held on September 13 to consider the appeal against forced psychiatric examination, which was filed on August 15, but has not been yet considered.

“Today’s result is a small victory, but a big war is still ahead. The war not only of our family, but of the whole of our people. Many of our fellow citizens still stay in torture chambers of the Russian prisons, and we must continue to fight for them. ‘We’ means our people, the whole of Ukraine, the whole world,” Umerova wrote.

According to Mark Feygin, “release of Ilmi Umerov is only a part of the important huge task set by the defence. Now we have to make every effort to remove charges from Ilmi under Article 280.1 of the Criminal Code.”

As reported, the Russian law enforcement authorities in Crimea opened a criminal case against Ilmi Umerov under “separatism” article. August 11, Ilmi Umerov felt badly in the courtroom. The doctors hospitalized him with a suspected heart attack. After that, Russian-controlled court of Simferopol took a decision to send Umerov to inpatient forensic psychiatric examination.

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