Russian scientists has made alternative linguistic expertise in the Semena case

Дата: 24 January 2017
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Legal defense of the Crimean journalist Mykola Semena will appeal the linguistic expertise, which was provided by the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation in the indictment.

As reported by the lawyer Emil Kurbedinov to the Krym.Realiyi online resource.

“This expertise is absolutely biased and does not correspond to reality. According to the expertise, Semena is presented as a hater, who encroaches on the territorial integrity of Russia. And obviously, that to the court he will be presented as such a hater”, – he said.

“We will definitely appeal against this expertise”, – said the lawyer.

Legal defense of the journalist will also present in the court an alternative linguistic expertise, which was conducted by Mikhail Savva, a Doctor of Political Science and a professor of the Kuban State University.

“We have an alternative expertise, prepared at our request by a authoritative scientific figure from Russia. It is completely different to the one presented by the FSB and reflects the objective reality, which Semena was trying to describe in his publication. We will present this expertise in the court”, – said Kurbedinov.

The expertise of Mikhail Savva contains conclusions that the international law does not confirm the Russian borders to the extent stated by the Russian authorities – including Crimea. Therefore, there are no borders to the violation of which one can call, concludes the expert.

As a reminder, in spring, massive searches took place in Crimea, including in the independent journalists who are suspected of collaboration with Krym.Realii. A criminal case was opened with respect to the Radio Liberty’s author Mykola Semena on suspicion of threatening the territorial integrity of Russia. Russian investigation forbade him to leave the peninsula. 

On August 23, his defense submitted a request to FSB to allow Semena to leave Crimea for medical treatment.

Previously International and European Federation of Journalists, as well as the OSCE Representative on Freedom of Speech, also had requested to allow the journalist to get medical treatment in Kyiv.

Crimean department of FSB refused to satisfy the request of the journalist.

On November 28, Semena could not visit Brussels to receive the European Prize for the freedom of speech named after Pavlo Sheremet because of the ban on travel outside Crimea.

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