At the human rights conference Right Sector threatened LGBT-activists and promised to disrupt KyivPride

Дата: 31 May 2017
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Today, during the presentation of the report on situation of human rights defenders on the Ukraine-controlled territories, LGBT-activists were threatened by representative of the Pravyi Sektor (Right Sector) political party, who called them perverts and promised to disrupt the KyivPride.

As reported by reporter of the Human Rights Information Centre.

According to the repoter, Olga Kotsko, representative of the Right Sector political party, took the floor after the main report and for several minutes spoke about the inaction of the Security Service of Ukraine.

However, at the end of her commentary, the woman turned to threat against LGBT-activists. In particular, Olga Kotsko called them “perverts” and “pedophiles”.

Organizers of the event tried to stop her, drawing attention to the fact that she is using hate speech.

In particular, Tetyana Pechonchyk, Chair of the Board of the Human Rights Information Centre, commented: “Such statements containing hate speech are inadmissible. And law enforcement agencies must take these threats into account. Considering that KyivPride is planned to be held in Kyiv in several weeks. And security measures must be taken”.

In response to which Olga Kotsko, raising her voice, interrupted the organizer with the words: “KyivPride will not… We will not allow it…”.

Those present in the hall tried to stop her, expressing that she insults people with her comments.

Representative of the Right Sector replied: “I am not offending anyone. I am just expressing the majority’s point of view”.

After that, she once again called the representatives of the LGBT-community “perverts” and left the hall where the press-conference was held.

As a reminder, on April 27, activists of the Pravyi Sektor and Svoboda (Freedom) political parties stopped the painting of the Arch of Diversity in the center of Kyiv, which was decorated in the colors of the rainbow for the Eurovision Song Contest, which was held in Kyiv from May 7 to May 13.

As stated by Artem Skoropadsky, such decoration of an Arch is a hidden propaganda of LGBT.

“We do not agree with these so-called decorations, in quotes, which are made there. Because it is hidden LGBT propaganda, although the Arch of Diversity, of course, is an obsolete monument, it is included in the list of national monuments and it is just illegal to change something. There works were not agreed with the public, it is just a voluntary decision of the Kyiv mayor’s office in order to please Europe”, – he said.

The March of Equality as a part of KyivPride 2017 is to be held in Kyiv on June 18. It is expected that 5000 participants will join the March this year.

Kyiv’s police promises to strengthen security measures for the time of the March of Equality.

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