Inter TV channel not to change its editorial policy

Дата: 12 September 2016
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The National Information Systems (NIS) company, which produces news for Ukrainian Inter TV channel, will not change its editorial policy at the request of the protesters.


Director of the National Information Systems company, Oleksandr Pylypets said this on the air of

I am not ashamed of the news, I am even proud of them. The informational policy of news will not change, of course. What can be changed there?” Pylypets said.

He noted that the TV channel management significantly increased the number of guards after the channel’s premises had been attacked.

September 4, the fire started at the premises of the National Information Systems (NIS) company.

The main National Police department in Kyiv city views intentional arson as one of the main versions.

September 6, the protesters, who earlier had blocked the work of the media, said they had reached agreement with the management of Inter TV channel. According to them, the channel has to change its editorial policy and dismiss deputy director of the company development within next five days.

Meanwhile, the channel stated no agreement had been reached with protesters who had blocked the work of television station of Inter Media Group and that no negotiations had been conducted with them.

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