Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office suspects two judges of large-scale abuse

Дата: 19 October 2016
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The Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine has served notice of suspicion against former head and deputy head of the Higher Economic Court of Ukraine, who are currently working judges in this court.

Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuri Lutsenko posted this on his Facebook page.

Artur Yemelyanov and Viktor Tatkov are suspected of committing crimes under Part 2 of Article 376, Part 2 of Article 376-1 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (interference in the work of the judiciary).

These offenses are punishable by deprivation of the right to occupy certain posts or engage in certain activities for up to five years, or arrest for up to six months or imprisonment for up to three years.

The investigation has the evidence that these persons actually subjugated the system of delivering judgments in 2011-2014. We study about 7,000 cases of illegal intervention in the automated cases and applications distribution system, interference in the work of judges, making them deliver unlawful judgments in the economic courts of all instances, needed to the abusers,” the statement reads.

The Parliament of Ukraine dismissed Tatkov from the post of the head of the Higher Economic Court under the law on lustration on September 29.

In his tax return for 2013, Yemelyanov, who occupied one of the senior posts in the Higher Economic Court under Yanukovych rule, declared two land plots, two houses and 12 flats. However, the colleagues in the judiciary did not see any inconsistency between the tax return of Artur Yemelyanov and his level of income.

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