MP Nadiya Savchenko goes on hunger strike again

Дата: 02 August 2016
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MP from Batkivshchyna Party faction in the Ukrainian Parliament Nadiya Savchenko has announced that she goes on hunger strike in protest against the inaction of the Ukrainian authorities and the world in liberation of Ukrainians from captivity.

She stated this today at a press conference at UNIAN news agency.


According to her, “the exchange of prisoners of war and political prisoners from Russia does not happen now. After the issue was transferred to the political plane, the politicians have started to fight for their own political gains and to glorify themselves at the expense of prisoners rather than worry about the prisoners themselves.”

“I offered the President doing real actions to exchange the prisoners of war: we must start to free people first. However, children of Petro [Poroshenko] are not in captivity, and he does not care about yours. Everyone has to fight for his or her own child just as my sister and mother were fighting for me. Go to the Bankova Street [where the Presidential Administration is located], ask for a meeting and a report from the President as the guarantor of the Constitution…” Savchenko said.

She noted that two months and six days had passed after her release from Russian captivity.

Savchenko recalled that hunger strike was one of the mechanisms to speed up her release.

All the former captives, whom I spoke with, told me that I was right and should not listen to anyone, that I should speak with the very devil to free our guys. However, those MPs, who do not know what the captivity is, call me the agent of the Kremlin, and tell me that it was easy for me to live there. I would be pleased to share my fate with them…” Savchenko noted.

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