Inclusive lesson held perfectly in Kyiv

Дата: 03 September 2016
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A model inclusive lesson was held open lesson for everybody – school students, pre-schoolers, and adults – in Kyiv on September 3. The lesson participants studied mathematics, singing and respect for otherness.

The event in the Taras Shevchenko park brought together children of all ages for lessons of drawing, clay modeling, music and physical education, mathematics and singing. The most important lesson was to learn openness to each other, friendship and mutual support, respect for otherness.

We are different. We are equal. And each of us have a chance to learn something new every day, discover the diverse world, establish a dialogue with a person, who has different skin color, ethnic origin, disability or different sexual orientation.

Holding of the model lesson was initiated by the NGO “Rodyna” (“Family”), which deals with issues of care for children with severe disabilities, autism, mental illnesses and so on.

Larysa Samsonova, the chairwoman of the NGO “Rodyna”, emphasized that the inclusive society is being established here and now, when children without disabilities and children with various disorders learn together, make friends, learn the world, helping each other.

NGO “Rodyna” is conducting such inclusive activities not for the first time. Taking care of the education of children with severe mental disorders, they primarily take care of the integration of children into the society and openness of the society towards children with disabilities.

The action was carried out as part of the awareness-raising campaign dedicated to the inclusive society to draw public attention to the integration of children with disabilities and their complete adaptation to society, inclusion of children with disabilities in all the aspects of social life and education.

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