Court extended arrest of Crimean Tatar who is arrested for “sabotage” until January 30

Дата: 29 December 2016
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The arrest term of Redvan Suleymanov, one of the arrested in the occupied Crimea, was extended until January 30.

As reported by Crimean lawyer Emil Kurbedinov on his Facebook page.

“Court decided to unreasonably extend the term arrest of Redvan Suleymanov, who was arrested by FSB for “sabotage” earlier this year, until January 30, 2017”, – wrote Kurbedinov.

“FSB claims that Suleymanov caused the lost of more than 4 million rubles to Russia and FSB in particular”, – added Kurbedinov.

As a reminder, on August 10 the Federal Security of Russia (FSB) issued a statement about two attempts of Ukrainian military to attack the Crimea and organize terrorist acts, during which Russian soldier and FSB officer died.

Ukrainian Joint Staff called these statements a provocation.

Russian FSB arrested on the charges of planning the alleged sabotage, a resident of Ukraine’s Zaporizhia region, Yevhen Panov, and Andriy Zakhtiy from Crimea. They are kept in the detention centre in Moscow called Lefortovo by the decision of court.

The name of the third detainee is Redvan Suleymanov and fourth is probably Volodymyr Prysych.

According to the human rights defenders, Panov was tortured for several days after which he pleaded guilty on the video, which was recorded by security services.

On August 15 reported that the number of detainees “in the case of preparing sabotage” in the occupied Crimea increased to the number of 9.

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