Ukrainian government unveils blueprint for Crimea’s economic future

Дата: 31 August 2023
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The Ukrainian government has been developing a plan for the economic development of Crimea after its return to Ukrainian control. 

According to a ZMINA correspondent, Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmyhal presented the conception of the model at the third summit of the Crimean Platform.

The development of Crimea is known to be a priority for the Ukrainian government.

The government believes that this economic model will help to rebuild Crimea and “make it a prosperous and attractive place to live and work”.

The model consists of five main points:

  1. Turning Crimea into a new tourist centre of Europe. The plan is to transform the peninsula into a year-round resort with new hotel infrastructure and public spaces. It would make Crimea a more attractive destination for tourists worldwide.
  2. Developing infrastructure to connect Crimea with Ukraine, Europe, and the world. The peninsula would be integrated into the European transportation space, with new roads and railways connecting it to Ukraine and other countries. It would make it easier for people and goods to move between Crimea and the rest of the world.
  3. Investing in renewable energy and energy efficiency. Crimea would become a leader in renewable energy with solar and wind power investments. The peninsula would also become more energy-efficient, reducing its reliance on fossil fuels.
  4. Developing the agricultural sector. Crimea would become a significant food producer with investments in irrigation and other agricultural technologies. It would help to create jobs and boost the economy of the peninsula.
  5. Creating a European and world-class IT hub in Crimea. Crimea would become a major centre for technology and innovation with investments in research and development. It would attract foreign investment and create jobs in the peninsula. 

The model is still in development, but the government is confident it will succeed. The government is also open to feedback from businesses and other stakeholders.

 The government believes Crimea can potentially be a significant economic driver for Ukraine. 

The success of the economic model will depend on several factors, including the availability of investment, the cooperation of businesses and other stakeholders, and the political situation in the region. However, the government is confident that the model has the potential to succeed.

Earlier ZMINA reported that on the sidelines of the Third Summit of the Crimean Platform the first 15 major businesses have already joined the memorandum on Crimea’s restoration after its return to Ukrainian control.

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