“We Build Crimea” portal launched to unite businesses for the restoration of Crimea after its de-occupation

Дата: 31 August 2023
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On the sidelines of the Third Summit of the Crimean Platform, the portal “We build Crimea” was presented. It aims to unite national and international businesses to build a liberated, economically independent, developed Ukrainian Crimea.

The press service of the Mission of the President of Ukraine in the Autonomous Republic of Crimearep orted this.

On this project, the Mission collaborated with the Ministry for the Restoration of Ukraine.

The portal is one of the components of the large-scale ‘We Build Crimea’ initiative aimed at creating conditions for the rapid and effective Restoration of the Peninsula after its de-occupation. 

“It promotes the Memorandum of the Crimean Business, as it greatly simplifies the process of familiarizing oneself with and signing the document. The portal also tells about the projects and businesses that have already joined the future reconstruction process,” as indicated in the Mission’s official statement.

The Memorandum on Cooperation and Partnership of Business Representatives for the Restoration and Entrepreneurship Development in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol has already brought together national and large international businesses that have become signatories. Among them already are:

  1. The Crimean Tatar restaurant Musafir;
  2. IT companies Genesis;
  3. Signa Software;
  4. SoftServe;
  5. Monobank;
  6. Luxoft;
  7. Serhiy Vikarchuk’s TourClub;
  8. Silpo-Food;
  9. Lifecell;
  10. OKKO-Postach;
  11. Bud-Technology;
  12. Chersonesos Policy.

According to the Memorandum, the state creates conditions for doing business, developing a free market and fair competition – companies make a new face of multicultural Crimea.

The Ukrainian authorities envision a future for the liberated and rebuilt Crimea that includes:

  • Developed infrastructure and large IT clusters;
  • International investments and new job opportunities;
  • Integration into the European road and tourist networks;
  • An international airport to facilitate travel;
  • Revived and strengthened the tourism industry;
  • Organization of major festivals and local workshops;
  • Support for craft production and small to medium-sized businesses;
  • Implementation of a year-round resort concept, attracting tourists from Asia, Europe, and Africa;
  • Creation of modern urban parks.

The Mission ensures that each of these elements will contribute to the transformation of Crimea into a thriving region.

Ukraine encourages foreign and Ukrainian businesses “to become a part of the new history of Ukrainian Crimea”

As a reminder, the human rights community in Ukraine believes that the de-occupation of Crimea is necessary to stop the systematic and gross violations of human rights committed by the Russian Federation on the peninsula. They are urging other countries to support Ukraine with timely and sufficient supplies of weapons and military equipment.

On April 17, 2022, in his evening video speech, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that Ukrainian soldiers are paying with their lives for the time they wait for weapons to be delivered. This happens every time Ukraine’s partners delay or hesitate about the range or other characteristics of weapons. 

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