In Crimea a witness of searches in Bakhchysarai is fined 150,000 rubles

Дата: 07 July 2017
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On July 6, the Kremlin-controlled Bakhchysarai Court fined Emil Belyalov, who has witnessed the searches of Crimean Tatar in Bakhchysarai, for 150,000 rubles (approximately 66,000 hryvnias – KR) for re-engaging in an “unauthorized rally”.

As reported by Crimean activist Server Mustafayev in a commentary to Krym.Realiyi.

“An incident occurred when video materials were reviewed in the court. The thing is that Emil and Emin are two twin brothers. And they have a third brother. He is older than them, but very similar. And it is impossible to identify who is who on the video. But somehow it was identified that these people are there. But still the court ruled as the second violation of the same article and decided to award 150 thousand rubles fine”, – Mustafayev said.

According to the activist, the court hearing regarding Emin Belyalov, on whom an administrative protocol was drawn in addition, has not took place.

“The investigator made two protocols, but he decided to release one of the brothers – Emin. There was no court hearing on his case. It is unclear why he decided to do so. And it is unknown if there will be a court hearing or not”, – he said.

Mustafayev noted that the defense party intends to appeal the court’s decision, but “no one is counting on anything”.

In the morning of July 6, in the annexed Crimea, Russian law enforcers compiled two administrative protocols on Emin and Emil Belyalov, who have witnessed searches of Crimean Tatars in Bakhchysarai.

On May 12, 2016, in Bakhchysarai the Russian security forces conducted a series of searches in the homes of Muslims, as well as at a local cafe. As a result, four Bahchisarai residents, Zevri Abseitov, Remzi Memetov, Rustem Abeltarov and Enver Mamutov were detained and accused of terrorism and involvement in the organization “Hizb ut-Tahrir”, which is recognized as terrorist in the Russian Federation.

Defenders of arrested and convicted Crimean residents in the “Hizb ut-Tahrir” case consider their persecution to be motivated on religious grounds. Lawyer Emil Kurbedinov notes that in this case the Russian law enforcement bodies are mostly pursuing Crimean Tatars, as well as Ukrainians, Russians, Tajiks, Azerbaijanis and Crimean residents of another ethnic origin who profess Islam.

Mass searches of the houses of independent journalists, social activists, activists of the Crimean Tatar national movement, members of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People and Crimean Muslims with suspected ties to the Hizb ut-Tahrir organization, which is banned in Russia, became more frequent in the Crimea after the Russian annexation.

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