Lecture on transgender people was attacked at the Kyiv cafe “Kupidon”

Дата: 10 July 2017
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On Sunday of July 9, a group of young masked people attacked the speaker and participants of an open lecture that is conducted within the framework of the Sex Education Week on the “Transgender” topic and was held at the “Kupidon” cafe.

As reported by the organizers of the lecture on their Facebook page.

“At about 7 p.m., 10 masked men with pepper sprays and toxic inks burst into the premises of the “Kupidon” cafe. They doused the participants with ink while insultingly shouting, afterwards they attacked the audience using pepper sprays”, – the organizers wrote.

According to the report, the attackers were brought out of the premises. One of the organizers continued to pursue the unknown and overtook a group of three people at the Khreshchatyk metro station, where the police intervened and helped to detain them.

The organizers also reported that attackers have resisted the arrest. Masks, two pepper sprays and a knife were found during their search.

Photo of the detainees. Organizers ask to inform if someone knows their names

The detainees were supported by a group of people who obstructed the police car, which was trying to deliver the attackers to the police station. These people threatened the organizer and tried to block the car.

A lawyer and two people’s deputies of the current and past convocations arrived to the detainees to the Shevchenkivskyi District Police Department.

Consequently, attackers were released.

“We have not seen the protocol on the offense, nor we don’t know the reason why they were released. Deputy Wozniuk threatened the organizer when he attempted to photograph him. Attackers continued provocations and threatened the organizers at the police station”, – said in the report.

In the commentary made to Ukrayinska Pravda.Zhyttya (Ukrainian Truth.Life) the deputy denied being at the department.

The police took testimonies from victims and witnesses. One of the organizers was taken to the hospital.

At the same time, Facebook user Suzanne Lysenko in the comments notes that one of the young men in the photo also participated in the attack on the March of Women’s Solidarity on March 8 and on the action against violence at the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy.

And Oleksandr Zakletsky, photographer and Deputy Chairman at the Karas gallery, said that the same young man is very similar to the member of the group who came with threats to one of the exhibitions in the gallery on June 9 this year.

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