In Dnipropetrovsk, Displaced Students Receive Free EIT Classes

Дата: 14 March 2015
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Free courses have begun to be offered in Dnipropetrovsk to teenagers displaced from the area of the ATO to prepare them for the External Independent Evaluation (EIT) [the college entrance standardized test].

Radio Liberty reports that courses have been started today in the Central Library covering the Ukrainian language and the history of Ukraine, which are carried out by volunteer teachers.

Project Coordinator Nadiya Vovk says that these courses are built upon free Ukrainian-language classes which have been offered in Dnipropetrovsk for what is now their second year.

“At first, we wanted to only conduct classes on the Ukrainian language. But, it so happened that volunteer teachers of other subjects began to join. So, today we also have classes in Ukrainian literature, the history of Ukraine, chemistry, mathematics, and physics. In the near future, there are plans to add English language classes. As far as I know, such a project to prepare displaced kids for the EIT only exists in Dnipropetrovsk,” noted Vovk.

Teachers are hoping that this project will help displaced teenagers make up for time lost due to the events in the east of Ukraine. They note that their general level of knowledge does not differ from the level of local seniors. Teachers believe that an opportunity to prepare for the entrance examinations and obtain a higher education is the best help that they could receive.

Courses will last until the beginning of EIT testing period. A very intensive program has been developed for these students because there is not much time left.

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