Three police officers from Kryve Ozero town arrested. New police regional department head appointed

Дата: 26 August 2016
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The Central District Court of Mykolayiv city arrested three police officers, suspected of involvement in the murder of a man in the town of Kryve Ozero in Mykolayiv region.


According to online media outlet, policeman Denys Liakhvatsky, who, according to the testimony of colleagues, shot at a detainee, was arrested for two months, until October 23 without the possibility of leaving on bail.

Liakhvatsky refused to give testimony. He said he felt bad, because he did not sleep for three days.

According to the media outlet, the policeman said that he agreed with the suspicions under Article 365 (“abuse of power”), but strongly disagreed with suspicions under Article 115 (“murder”).

The court also arrested 26-year-old police officer Mykola Khomenko for two months and Oleksandr Prychypoydu for a month.

As reported, on the night in August 24, 2016, the police officers tortured a detainee in the town of Kryve Ozero in Mykolayiv region.

The prosecutor’s office of Mykolayiv region said that a preliminary cause of death of a resident of Kryve Ozero was a hemorrhage as a result of using traumatic weapons.

The Kryve Ozero police department was disbanded.

In evening of August 25, Head of the National Police of Ukraine Khatia Dekanoidze appointed Colonel of the police Yuri Moroz as the chairman of the police department in Mykolayiv region.

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