Judge in the Kurbedinov case, persecuted Crimean Euromaidan activist, who died during investigation

Дата: 02 February 2017
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Judge, who issued a decision on conducting searches of Emil Kurbedinov, the defense of Crimea political prisoners, judged a retired Crimean on charges of assaulting an officer of Berkut in the Mariinsky Park during the events of Euromaidan.

As reported by Maria Tomak, the journalist of the Media Initiative for Human Rights.

“I was searching for a decision of the Crimean judge Mozhelyanskiy, who made “the decision” to conduct searches of Kurbedinov, and stumbled upon his judgment against a retired Crimean, who “attacked” a Berkut officer in the Mariinsky Park during the events of Euromaidan. And, of course, he participated in RS (Right Sector – ed.). Sikanov E.A.”, – wrote Tomak on her Facebook page.

According to her, from the found document it can be understood that Sikanov died during the judicial investigation. Therefore, the case was closed.

“However, it is not clear – exactly where and under what circumstances he died and if the cause of death was natural. It is indicated that person with similar surname, but different initials (obviously a relative) has provided certificate of his death. Does anybody know something about the death of Sikanov?”, – wrote the journalist.

She added that the charges were similar to other cases of Crimean activists of Euromaidan and quotes the indictment.

“Sikanov E.O. is accused of rendering armed resistance to law enforcement officers on the Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square) on

, Ukraine, while being aware of the riots on

, Ukraine, which were aimed at illegal, violent overthrow of the constitutional order of Ukraine and acting executive authorities, while being the member of Ukrainian radical nationalist organization – Rights Sector”

, – is written in the indictment.

Further, retired Sikanov is accused of “throwing a rock with precision” at a foreman officer of the Crimean militia battalion of special forces Berkut, which was surrounded. According to the charges, the impact of a rock caused the concussion of a policeman and injury of soft tissue of his neck.

According to the document, the evidence in his case had been destroyed after the death of the accused.

As a reminder, on January 26, Emil Kurbedinov was detained by the officers of the Center E (Center for Combating Extremism) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. On the same day, according to the decision of the court he was sentenced to an administrative arrest for a term of 10 days for alleged distribution of extremist materials. Illegal searches were conducted in his house and office and files, containing advocate secrets, were seized. Human rights defenders fear that the administrative proceeding of Emil Kurbedinov could escalate into criminal proceeding and appeal to the official Ukraine and the world to respond as active as possible to the repression against one of the few independent lawyers, who are still working in the Crimea.

Among the defendants of Emil Kurbedinov – Ilmi UmerovMykola SemenaEmir-Useyin Kuku and other defendants in the cases of Crimean Muslims and so-called cases of saboteurs (particularly, Redvan Suleymanov).

During the week, Ukrainian public organizationsFreedom House, Russian lawyers, representative of the European Court and other human rights institutions made statements demanding the release of Kurbedinov.

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