Savchenko decides to stop hunger strike

Дата: 19 April 2016
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This is said in the statement of the Presidential Administration’s press service. As noted, President Petro Poroshenko talked to Savchenko on the phone.

Petro Poroshenko, her mother and sister asked Nadiya to stop hunger strike. Nadiya Savchenko agreed to suspend the strike,” reads the statement.

Президент України телефоном поспілкувався з Надією Савченко

The President also informed Savchenko about the steps Ukraine took for her release.

As reported, March 22, the Donetsk City Court of Rostov region of the Russian Federation found Savchenko guilty of the murder of two Russian journalists in Luhansk region. She was sentenced to 22 years in colony. She refused to lodge an appeal, and the sentence came into force on April 5. April 6, Savchenko resumed a hunger strike.

Ukrainian consuls and doctors have not been allowed to visit her.

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