Human rights activists urge to support anti-Putin activists in Russia

Дата: 11 January 2016
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Euromaidan SOS initiative has compiled the list of Russian citizens, who are persecuted for political motives, including for pro-Ukrainian views.

The list of people, who suffer from their pro-Ukrainian views in Russia, can be found on the Facebook page of Oleksandra Matviychuk.

Among them there are bloggers, who have criticized the occupation policy of the Kremlin, the participants of the single pickets and organizers of peaceful assemblies, the servicemen who refused to serve in Donbas, the teacher who wrote the protest poems, the author of the memo to the Russian tourists in Crimea, the journalists who investigated the mysterious death of Pskov soldiers, the ordinary people, who painted the Soviet monuments the colors of Ukrainian flag as a mark of protest, and others.

The active civic stance can be costly for people who are not afraid to call a spade a spade in Russia. Some of them, accused of extremism, incitement to hatred and enmity, hooliganism and vandalism, violating the order of organizing peaceful assemblies, incitement to separatism, have been sentenced to 1-7 years in prison,” reads the statement of the initiative.

Currently, the human rights defenders know more than four dozen people, persecuted for their pro-Ukrainian position.

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