Human rights defender described the worst scenario for Ukraine regarding the human rights

Дата: 26 April 2017
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The worst scenario of the future of Ukraine from the point of view of human rights is the loss of statehood.

As reported by Maria Tomak, journalist, human rights defender, as well as coordinator of the Media Initiative for Human Rights, to the Human Rights Information Centre.

“The most pessimistic scenario, in my opinion, is the loss of statehood. In this case, we, human rights defenders, will have no one to appeal to”, – said Tomak.

According to her, the example of Crimea and the ORDLO (Certain areas of Donetsk and Luhansk regions) clearly illustrates what occupation means.

“It may seem strange to many of our western colleagues when human rights defenders, a priori in opposition to the state authorities, talk about statehood, but such are the Ukrainian realities. It is a widely recognized fact that, by and large, our country survived by virtue of activists. The volunteer groups were the first one to react to the challenge of the appearance of internally displaced persons. And these people perform the functions of the state”, – said Tomak.

At the same time, in her opinion, there is an optimistic scenario. And it is the balance found between civil rights, on the one hand, and national security, on the other. Since, currently there is a threat of abuse of the arguments about security measures for the preservation of power by specific people and control over the flows.

According to Tomak, it is also important for an optimistic scenario to survive burnout and disappointment among activists, human rights defenders and volunteers.

“Today the adrenaline that raged during the EuroMaidan has passed. The same adrenaline raged during the initial stages of the war and kept us all in good shape. This is the moment when we need to reorganize into methodical work, develop more long-term (not three days) strategies. It is hard. We must learn to prioritize. And even relax”, – said Maria Tomak.

Also, in an optimistic scenario, Tomak sees the ratification of the Istanbul Convention, the ratification of the Rome Statute and the real prospect of bringing the current Russian leadership to justice.

“And this can happen only if Ukraine takes a proactive position and not the waiting position”, – added Tomak.

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