Chairman of the TEC, who defended the interests of the community of the Kotsubynske society, was attacked and beaten near Kyiv

Дата: 14 June 2017
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Chairman of the Territorial Election Commission of Kotsubynske Lyudmilla Demchenko, who defended the interests of the private sector of the urban-type settlement, was beaten near Kyiv.

Людмила Демченко

As reported by Hromada Priirpinnya (Community of Priirpinnya), Lyudmilla Demchenko was brutally beaten in the courtyard of her own private house.

In the morning, a man came to her courtyard and named himself a representative of a new provider offering services. And when the woman opened the gate, he started beating her.

“I screamed – my son and neighbor ran out. The attacker had a spray – Telen – 4”, – as reported by Demchenko to Hromada Priirpinnya.

Activists and deputies came to the scene, in particular, Olena Sokotyuk, who heads the deputy group Private Sector, where the TEC chairman was attacked. The attacker lay subjugated on the ground.

Sokotyuk told the publication that the attacker called himself Kirill from Kyiv and said that he was hired for 1000 UAH to beat a woman from this house.

The publication noted that Demchenko is an old resident of the village, all of the locals in the private sector of the village know her. The woman, as a budget worker, used to cook meals for Euromaidan activists.

She fulfilled her duty as the Chairman of the TEC and held elections during the work of the TEC in Kotsubynske, despite the pressure from the New Faces political party. She was basically forced to retire from her post in the ambulance station. Now she helps to arrange subsidies to the residents of the village.

The police arrived at 8:30 a.m. The attacker was handcuffed.

He was put in a police car. But Natalya Kolomiyets, assistant to People’s Deputy Olga Chervakova, said not to take the attacker before the arrival of the investigative-operational group. The police car with the attacker in it remains at the Demchenko’s courtyard.

As it turned out, the attacker is from the Bila Tserkva. Currently lives in a hostel in Borshchahivka. According to the witnesses, the attacker was not alone and acted with an accomplice who was with him in Kotsubynske.

As reported by Oleksiy Oleynik, Deputy from the New Faces political party of the City Council of Irpin, on the social network, the attackers staged a show and poured “pig blood” on the victim.

The ambulance arrived after the police. Demchenko was provided with first aid. For now it is difficult to establish an accurate diagnosis and degree of damage. Demchenko was hospitalized while accompanied by activists.

As a reminder, last week unidentified attackers have cut the tires of the car of Iryna Fedoriv, activist and journalist.

Hromada Priirpinnya also reminds that the attack on the lawyer of the Kotsubynske village council, who represented the interests of the community in the court in the case of sewerage on the Bakala Street, still remains unrevealed. The attack on the son of activist Lyudmilla Butok also remains unsolved. Her son was attacked before the elections, when the activists were holding court meetings.

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