Case materials may disappear in course of Interior Ministry reform

Дата: 20 November 2015
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The legislation does not stipulate the transfer of operational and search cases to the criminal police.

The ongoing certification of staff of the law enforcement agencies does not meet the requirements of the law, expert of the Center for Political and Legal Reforms Oleksandr Banchuk said.

The procedure and grounds for certification do not comply with Article 57 of the Law of Ukraine “On National Police.” What is the risk? It lies in the fact that those, who do not pass this certification, will file appeal with the administrative court and repeal these results,” the expert said.

The same refers to the procedure for appointing the heads of regional departments as everyone, who participated in this contest, will have the opportunity to challenge the results in court.

The expert recommends amending the legislation. Otherwise, the problems will arise in few months.

Banchuk also drew attention to the fact that the bill No. 3225, which has been already submitted to the President, provides for closing of the operational and search cases. According to him, the text of the document does not stipulate that the cases will be automatically renewed by the criminal police after their closure, as claimed in the Ministry.

Therefore, a question arises in the expert community: is it just an oversight of the Interior Ministry legal department or some deliberate sabotage by members of the criminal police, who are not sure whether they will work in the criminal police?” the expert said.

Banchuk is also concerned about the fact that all the operational base, data on informants, etc. could be destroyed. He urges to deal with the legislation nuances more carefully while elaborating the amendments in the future.

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