New government promises to reform courts, police and restore country’s integrity

Дата: 18 April 2016
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The program of the new Government led by Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman consists of 16 points and provides for the reforms in a number of fields.

In particular, the new ministers promise to elaborate the national strategy for the integration of the occupied territories of Ukraine, as well as to secure the rights and freedoms of the internally displaced persons and citizens living in the occupied territories.

Ensuring effective coordination of activity of the executive authorities to secure observance of the rights and freedoms of the internally displaced persons and citizens of Ukraine residing in the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine and the government-controlled territory in the area of conduct of anti-terrorist operation,” says the government program.

In addition, the government plans to conduct the judicial reform, in particular, to conduct in stages the recertification of judges, to set the criteria for the evaluation of their work and comparison of income and expenditure. The government also plans to “ensure drafting of regulations and laws aimed at the implementation of amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine (related to judiciary), the Law of Ukraine “On Judiciary and Status of Judges.”

As for the law enforcement, the ministers want to turn the Interior Ministry into a civil authority, to conduct recertification of police officers, to introduce the institution of detectives, to reform the system of district police officers, to launch the State Bureau of Investigation. Moreover, the officials plan to grant “the local self-government authorities the right to establish municipal guards without performing law enforcement functions“, and to establish “the military police for the prevention, detection and pre-trial investigation of criminal offenses committed by the servicemen.”

In social sphere, the officials want to set up “the effective system of benefits.” The ministers promise to turn benefits into cash payment and make them targeted.

The ministers also plan to improve the quality of education and healthcare services.

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