Illegal armed group in Luhansk region was preparing 750 children for war

Дата: 21 February 2017
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In the summer of 2016 illegal armed of Luhansk was teaching the basics of military science three camp sessions of children in the camp “Lesnye Prostory” of Antratsyt district.

As reported by the Coalition “Justice for Peace in Donbas”.

Children and teenagers of the occupied Luhansk practiced assembling and disassembling the machine gun. They also studied the theoretical basis of the riffle combat training.

It is reported that the formation, which calls itself “Ministry of Healthcare” has designed special courses on military field surgery and toxicology for the camp.

The video recorded that there were real weapons “safeguarding the Luhansk police”.

In the camp, children were also taught the methods of dealing with weapons and explosive ordnance, inspecting and convoying techniques.

Military-patriotic education based in “Lesnye Prostory” camp was supported by formations calling themselves “Ministry of Healthcare”, “Ministry of State Security”, “Ministry of Internal Affairs” and “Ministry of Information”. The camp “Lesnye Prostory” is on the balance of the “State Unitary Enerprise” entitled “Antracyt”.

Human rights defenders qualified the involvement of children in illegal armed groups as a crime.

They appeal to report about such actions of illegal armed groups in the east of Ukraine through a special secure form on the webpage of the Coalition. Human rights defenders explained that they will not publish or transmit this information to third parties without the written consent.

Last year, Ukraine has accused the illegal terrorist group in Donetsk region in the creation of camps for training weapon handling and intelligence gathering.

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