Most Ukrainians consider democracy the best system of government

Дата: 14 May 2024
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Sixty-four percent of Ukrainians fully agree with the statement that democracy may have its flaws, but it is the best system of government, according to results published by the Sociological Group Rating in collaboration with the globally renowned research institute Gallup International as part of the “End of Year” 2023 project. Additionally, 14% both partially agreed and disagreed with the statement, while only 16% completely disagreed.

The comprehensive survey spanned over 40,000 people worldwide, with sociologists calculating a representative sample of around 1,000 respondents in each country.

Ukraine ranks sixth among the surveyed countries in terms of the level of complete agreement with the statement that “Democracy may have its drawbacks, but it is the best system of governance.”
In this trend, it joins European countries, with Sweden, Austria, Germany, Spain, and Switzerland occupying the top five positions. 
In contrast, the most dissenting views on democracy being the optimal form of governance emerged from respondents in Iraq, Kenya, Pakistan, Peru, and Moldova.
Moreover, Ukraine secures a place among the top ten countries affirming that their nation is governed by the will of its people. An emphatic 44% agree with this notion, while 17% partially agree and 36% disagree. Other countries where a notable portion of residents feel their nation is governed by the will of the people include Sweden, India, Afghanistan, Kosovo, Switzerland, and Malaysia.
Residents in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Russia, Bulgaria, and North Macedonia were least likely to agree they were governed by the people’s will.
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