A resident of Crimea told about how he was kidnapped from his house and interrogated in the middle of nowhere

Дата: 12 July 2017
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In the annexed Crimea unknown persons have kidnapped a resident of the Lenine village Petro Borodin from his house and have conducted an “interrogation” in the middle of nowhere.

As reported by Borodin himself in the video published on Facebook.

According to him, the kidnapping occurred on the evening of June 10.

“I arrived from the work and went to bed. Then I received a phone call and was told that a friend, who had not seen me for four years, was coming to see me. I saw a car drive up. I heard a “get in” command sounding from the car. I got in the car and they started questioning me. They bullied me. Asked about some Oleh. I said that I know nothing, after which they started threatening me. I was silent and said nothing”, – Borodin said.

According to the Crimean resident, after a while they put a gun to his chest and drove to the desolated place near Feodosia.

“They took me away. Started threatening. Asked about some organization the member of which I supposedly was, somebody was telling something – it was all nonsense. One of them pulled out a pistol and started shooting in the air. They were scaring me. They forced me to write that I do not belong to no organizations, I got acquainted with the poll”, – Borodin said.

Borodin added that after three hours he was taken home and was told: “Let’s remain friends”. He suggested that they were officers of the Russian FSB.

Russian law enforcers do not comment on the statements of the Crimean resident on the fact of being abducted by unknown people.

As a reminder, mass searches of the houses of independent journalists, Crimean Tatar activistsm members of the Mejlis and citizens who do not recognize the peninsula as a territory of Russia, occurred in Crimea after the annexation.

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