Crimea not to be returned by military force – Ukraine’s Foreign Minister

Дата: 23 October 2015
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The annexation of Crimea will never be recognized by the world community. The question of access of the monitoring missions of the United Nations and the Council of Europe to the peninsula is critical.

Foreign Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin said this in an interview with the Segodnya (Today) Ukrainian daily.

Nobody will dare launch military action against such a nuclear power as Russia. I mean not only Ukraine,” the Minister said.

He reminded that Ukraine needed a clear strategy on Crimea.

“Our people live there, regardless of whether they have been befuddled with the Russian propaganda or not,” Klimkin said.

According to the Minister, Crimea will not become a token coin and the annexation will never be recognized by the world community.

I talk to a lot of politicians, I have many friends and partners. None of them has said that Crimea must be recognized. There is not a single such politician in Europe, the United States or in China… The difficult humanitarian situation and violation of human rights are observed in Crimea. I struggle that the UN or the Council of Europe is allowed to enter Crimea to monitor the situation in the field. It’s a really critical issue. We have a sequence of steps how to continue to work on Crimea’s issue,” the Foreign Minister said.

As reported, September 20, the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People launched the campaign to block the freight transport carrying food products to Crimea at the checkpoints in Kherson region. In such a way the Crimean Tatars demand to release political prisoners and stop repressions against the local population on part of the occupying power on the peninsula.

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