FSB Detains Journalist in Crimea

Дата: 13 March 2015
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FSB officers have arrested Natalya Kokorina, the editor of the Crimean Center for Journalist Investigations. Her parents’ apartment was searched this morning.

A correspondent of the Center reports that Kokorina left her house accompanied by four members of the FSB. Her father, Volodimir Kokorin, who was released earlier, asked journalists to not film the incident and move away from the entrance. He did not say anything about the circumstances of the search or the details of the case.

Journalists and her lawyer, who, contrary to the requirements of Russian Criminal Procedural Code, was not allowed at the venue of the search, headed to the Crimean FSB office. It is assumed that Kokorina was brought there.

This morning in Simferopol, FSB officers carried out a search of Natalia’s apartment. The FSB also searched the apartment of the parents of Crimean journalist and former editor of the Center, Anna Andriyevska, who no longer lives in Crimea. She believes that the basis for the initiation of a criminal case is her material about the “Crimea” volunteer battalion.



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