Dzhemiliev: a totalitarian regime worse than the Soviet established in the Crimea

Дата: 06 April 2017
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After the annexation of Crimea a “hard semi-Bandit totalitarian regime, which by some of its characteristics is even worse than the Soviet regime” was established.

As reported by Krym.Realiyi, this was stated by Mustafa Dzhemiliev, leader of the Crimean Tatar people, during a conference on the issues of conflicts and violence in the world, which is currently taking place in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia.

“The struggle of Crimean Tatars was long and persistent, but ultimately successful. Hundreds of people went through jails and camps and some of them ended their lives in prison chambers. Many people who fought for the chance to return to their homeland, never to see it again and are buried in a foreign land”, – he said.

But, according to Dzhemiliev, the Crimean Tatars returned to their homeland without spilling blood of others.

“The people, who after half a century of exile finally returned to their homeland, are once again forced to leave the Crimea under the onslaught of repression and move to the mainland Ukraine”, – he summed up.

As a reminder, Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has officially announced the February 20, 2014, as the beginning of the temporary occupation of the Crimea and Sevastopol by the Russian Federation. On October 7, 2015, Petro Poroshenko, the President of Ukraine, signed the corresponding law. Key international organizations, including the UN General Assembly, condemned Russia’s actions and called the occupation and annexation of Crimea as illegal. Economic sanctions were imposed against the Russian Federation. Russia denies the occupation of the peninsula and calls it a “restoration of historical justice”.

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