Two members of the SBI committee must be replaced – Nayem

Дата: 16 December 2016
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Ivan Stojko and Vladislav Buharyev of the contest committee for the selection of Head of the State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) have no higher legal education.

As reported by Mustafa Nayyem, deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, on his Facebook page. He prepares a crime report in respect of the officials who allowed them to work in the contest committee.

“Two members of the contest committee for the selection of leaders of SBI have no higher legal education, which directly contradicts the law of Ukraine on the State Bureau of Investigation. In particularly this applies to the Stojko I. M. (from the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine) and Buharyev V. V. (from the Verkhovna Rada)”, – said Mustafa Nayyem.

Deputy demanded that the leaders of the Verkhovna Rada and the government to withdraw these people from committee and replace them with representatives from the civil society. But this has not yet been done.

Volodymyr Groysman, Prime Minister and Iryna Herashchenko, Deputy Speaker, said that she instructed the Committee on Legislative Support of Law Enforcement to address this issue.

According to Mustafa Nayyem, SBI will be fully working by the November 2017 and will take over almost all functions of the Office of the Prosecutor General, such as identifying, suspending, detection and investigation of the crimes committed by the former President, Cabinet members, top administration of the government authorities, NABU, SAP and majority of the management and personnel of law enforcement, tax and customs authorities.

As a reminder, on December 15 contest committee has chosen 19 candidates who will be admitted to the final stage of the competition for the position of Head of SBI. Candidates such as: Oleksandr Byryak, Olga Varchenko, Vasily Vovk, Roman Holobutovskyy, Oleksiy Horaschenkov, Oleg Grigorov, Roman Gupal, Victor Klimenko, Anatoliy Korzh, Yuri Makedony, Anatoliy Matios, Sergey Palatov, Vadim Telychko, Volodymyr Trofimenko, Roman Tryba, Grugoriy Usatyi, Oleksiy Kharkevich, Bogdan Chobitok And Oleksandr Chursin.

SBI will investigate crimes committed by the government officials and employees of the law enforcement agencies (except the crimes under the investigation of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau).

Experts regard SBI as a very important government body. They point out that there is no mechanism for effective investigation of tortures in Ukraine, since complains about the police officer are frequently investigated, on the behalf of the Prosecution Officer, by the police officer from the same department.  

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