Men start to seek help in domestic violence situations more often

Дата: 12 April 2016
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37% of calls at the national hotline are made by men. Those who want to learn how to control aggression and to stop violence in the family start to call more often.

Olena Kryvuliak, director of the national hotlines department at the La Strada Ukraine international human rights centre, said this to Human Rights Information Centre.

The expert explained that there were mainly victims of labor exploitation, those who search for social assistance or wish to obtain an IDP status among these 37%. In addition, a lot of men ask information about mobilization or demobilization.

Not so many men, who are aggressors, call at hotline. But if we analyze, the number of calls increases each year. Men call us and say… ‘You know, it is wrong to beat a woman. I realize this. But when I’m made furious, I do not know any other way except for beating. Or a woman starts to cry, and I do not know how to calm her down,” Olena Kryvuliak says.

The expert explains that such treatments are often a search for an alternative approach to solving the problem without violence.

As reported, the national hotline received 7,910 complaints over January-March 2016. The majority of those calls concerned the protection from domestic violence (94.3%).

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