Unknown people fired upon a car with Slidstvo.info journalists in Koncha-Zaspa near Kyiv

Дата: 14 April 2017
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Today, near the Plyuty village in the Kyiv region, unknown persons opened fire upon a car with journalists of the Slidstvo.info Maksym Opanasenko and Kirill Shapar.

As reported by Maksym Opanasenko to the Institute of Mass Information.

According to him, the incident occurred while the crew was filming the story about one of the Ukrainian oligarchs. Opanasenko did not mention the name of the oligarch.

According to him, unknown persons fired in the air a meter and a half above the car, in which they were sitting.

“The gunshots were not from the side where we were filming, but from the opposite side. They fired in the air a meter and a half above the car. We couldn’t see who was firing. In essence, there is only a swamp and a forest around it. We suspect that it was an attempt to scare us off, because they saw where our drone was landing and decided to shoot above that area”, – said the journalist.

At the same time he added that they want to figure out on their own who was shooting.

As reported by Opanasenko in the commentary to the Ukrayinska Pravda (Ukrainian Truth), journalists did not find it necessary to turn to the police in regards to this incident.

“We have not turned to the police, since our previous journalistic experience shows that this is inefficient. And besides, in that case we would have had to stay there and we and the taxi driver were a bit scared”, – noted Opanasenko.

“It is easier for us to figure out from where they were firing and who owns the property”, – he said and emphasized that the unknown people were shooting not from the property, which the journalists were supposed to film.

At the same time, as reported by Mykola Zhukovich, Press-secretary of the Police Department in the Kyiv region, the police of the Kyiv region included the information on shooting the journalists of the Slidstvo.info to the Unified Register of Pre-Trial Investigations.

“We registered this case in the URPTI on the basis of publication in the mass media outlets”, – he said.

“We have already invited this journalist (Maksym Opanasenko – ed.) to the Regional Police Department of the Kyiv to testify. He promised to do this on Tuesday, we are waiting for him”, – added Zhukovich.

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