Anti-corruption activist claims that the SBU ordered to film a discrediting film about her

Дата: 12 May 2017
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Alexandra Ustinova, who works at the Anti-Corruption Action Center (ACAC), claims the she and her house are being watched by persons who, on request of the SBU, are filming a video about her with the aim of defamation.

As she stated on her Facebook page.

“Immediately after yesterday’s court hearing, where we have destroyed SBU officers for classifying declarations, their pawns became active, who have bullied me at the airport and previously pursued Vitaly Shabunin”, – she wrote.

In addition, yesterday at about 7 pm young people with certificates of law enforcement officers, which they showed to the concierge, came to Alexandra’s house and “wandered around” at the door of her apartment.

“My boyfriend, who was at home on a sick leave, heard a hassle and went out to ask what they are looking for, but “investigative journalists” ran away. And I understand that next time they will come with reinforcements”, – wrote Ustinova.

Earlier, Ustinova wrote that young people with IDs of “investigative journalists” filmed her at the airport on May 7, when she was flying on a vacation to Sri Lanka.

She believes that they are making a second series of film about the Anti-Corruption Action Center, which will center around her supposedly luxurious life.

She also recalled that when she was in Boryspil the young people, who filmed her, said something like “it is nothing like bringing Peppa Pig to the Verkhovna Rada”.

According to Alexandra, this proves that customers of discrediting are from the highest offices of power.

“After the Euromaidan, the ACAC has held more than 100 different street actions and protests, but most of all, our last parade of the NABU (National Anti-Corruption Bureau) – when we went to the Verkhovna Rada dressed up as ski instructors, SpongeBobs, Cheburashkas and… Peppa Pig!”, – noted Ustinova.

As a reminder, on April 9 a picket took place near the house of Vitaly Shabunin, Head of the Board of the Anti-Corruption Action Center (ACAC). Activist accuses the SBU in the organization of a picket.

According to Shabunin, Roman Matkovskiy, Head of the SBU department for the protection of national statehood, is the executor of this picket.

In turn, the SBU denies accusations and state that they have not organized any rallies at the house of Vitaliy Shabunin.

Former ATO fighter Georgiy Turchak confirmed to the All-Ukrainian public association AutoMaidan that the SBU officers have indeed organized a picket at the house of an anti-corruption activist.

The Anti-Corruption Action Center considers the picket to be linked with a lawsuit against the SBU. The activists of the organization publicly demand the disclosure of e-declarations of employees of the Security Service of Ukraine. The SBU leadership declared the information on the status of its employees as a state secret. They believe that the disclosure of such information may inflict irreparable damage to.

Activists of the AutoMaidan believe that the SBU “has something to hide after decades of covering the smuggling in the country, illegal mining of minerals, etc”. In their statement they refer to the journalistic investigation of Pavlo Demchyna, First Deputy Head of the SBU.

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