Activists launch energy blockade of Crimea

Дата: 12 October 2015
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Supplying electricity to the occupied Crimea through one of the power lines has been suspended since October 11. Three other branches continue supplying electricity to the peninsula.

Deputy head of the headquarters of the civil initiative for Crimea blockade Izet Hdanov said this to Crimea. Realities portal.

According to him, the energy workers supported the action and stopped the electricity supply to Crimea through Melitopol-Dzhankoi power line.

Products cannot be supplied to the occupiers. However, electricity is also product. According to the UN rules, the occupiers must provide the territory, occupied by them, with all the necessary. We, on our part, will work to liberate it,” Hdanov said.

Izet Hdanov informed that about a hundred participants in the blockade, including the local residents, had gathered the other day in Kherson region near the transmission tower of the high voltage power line, which had been earlier damaged by unknown people. The energy workers could not finish repair works as the safety rules ban unauthorized personnel from staying on the site. Thus, October 11, the energy workers cut off and loop that line.

It will be a dead-end line. It won’t supply electricity to Crimea. Within the framework of the effective legislation, we will inform the authorities of the fact that electricity supplies to Crimea are at least immoral,” he said.

Currently, the Ukrainian government has provided no official information about shutdown of electricity supply to Crimea.

As reported, in September, the Crimean Tatars began the ongoing campaign “Civil blockade of the peninsula,” aiming to cease support of the Crimea’s occupation with Ukrainian resources.

First Vice Prime Minister of the annexed Crimea Mykhailo Sheremet believes that such a blockade would succeed a year ago, but now the occupied Autonomous Republic of Crimea does not depend on the Ukrainian products.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova expressed outrage over the blockade and said that Russia would raise the issue of the blockade in the international organizations.

Commissioner of the Government of Ukraine for the European Court of Human Rights Borys Babin says that the IV Geneva Convention states that the occupier shall provide the citizens living in the occupied territories with all the necessary.

Earlier, head of the Center of Civic Education “Almenda” Olha Skrypnyk said that the Ukrainian government had no strategy to return Crimea and there was no coordination between the government and the NGOs.

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