Savchenko to be Transferred to City Hospital

Дата: 27 April 2015
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Ukrainian fighter pilot Nadiya Savchenko, who is being illegally held in Russia on charges of involvement in the assassination of Russian journalists in Donbass, will be transferred to a Moscow hospital.

Savchenko released this information via a letter she sent to her lawyer, Mark Feygin, which he then published on his Twitter page. He noted that Savchenko will be transferred to Moscow City Hospital #20.

“I am being transferred from prison to the city hospital’s prison unit, where they hope to persuade me to start eating something,” wrote Savchenko.

She also complained that she cannot eat Russian food, as she has developed some allergy that doctors cannot cure.

“Please, do not write to me with letters of regret and requests to live and eat. Hunger is my only weapon in the fight against the atrocities that the Russian authorities have been committing! Do not ask me to lay it down!” added Savchenko.

Earlier, on April 24th, the Russian Investigative Committee put forward Savchenko’s final charges of complicity in the murder of Russian journalists and illegal border crossing. Savchenko’s lawyers claim that she was illegally detained in the territory of Ukraine and taken to Russia. Savchenko advised the SBU representative, who criticized the work of her lawyers, to “not stick his nose in her business.”

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