Ombudsperson rings alarm: ATO fighters suffer from military hazing

Дата: 04 August 2016
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Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights Valeria Lutkovska has initiated proceeding over ill-treatment of one of the officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

This was reported by the press service of the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights.

The letters with the requirement for urgent investigation of humiliating treatment of soldier were sent to Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine – Chief Military Prosecutor Anatoly Matios and First Deputy Defense Minister Ivan Rusnak.

The letters state that Magnolia-TV channel website spread the message about the video of humiliating treatment of soldier, the representative of one of the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, located in the area of anti-terrorist operation in the east of the country.

According to journalists, Mykhailo Khaisuk found this video record in his son’s phone. According to the military unit command Vlad Khaisuk was a soldier who committed suicide on the deployment site in Stanitsa Luhanska  village (Luhansk region.). The father is confident that his son could also become a victim of military hazing.

Considering the above mentioned, Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights Office insists on a thorough investigation and verification of the facts mentioned in the story, and if there is a legal basis, insists on taking corresponding measures in accordance with the legislation.

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