Zelenskyy’s Peace Formula is a good basis to start discussions for ending the war

Дата: 25 October 2023 Автор: Annita Demetriou
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On October 24, 2023, the Czech Parliament hosted the Second Parliamentary Summit of the International Crimean Platform with representatives from 51 countries of the world.

Participants of the Platform expressed their intention to support the provision of political, diplomatic, military, security, financial, humanitarian and other forms of assistance to Ukraine, as well as to support Ukraine on its path toward EU membership.

ZMINA publishes the speech of Annita Demetriou, the President of the House of Representatives of  Cyprus, at the Second Parliamentary Summit of the Crimean Platform.

Personally, I believed that those times of brutal and unethical attacks and violations of human rights and the international legal order were behind us, but I was wrong.

I was wrong when Russia brought war back to Europe’s heart by unjustifiably attacking Ukraine 20 months ago. Eight years after the Russian invasion and annexation of Crimea, in blatant violation of international law.

Can we ever accept the legitimization of this invasion? Can we accept the annexation of Luhansk, Donetsk, Zaporizhzhia, and Kherson? Can we justify such a brutal attack? Can we ever create such a precedent?

The answer is no. That’s why our presence here is crucial.

I wholeheartedly agree that as long as we stay united, the dictator has no chance. But are we truly united? Do we respond consistently to every violation, invasion, or ongoing conflict, and do we make efforts to justify unlawful actions, or are we applying double standards?

The Ukrainian people inspire all of us. They bravely continue to defend their country, our norms, principles, and democracies. Ukrainians are fighting for all of us, and this includes Crimea as well. If we lose this fight, we are condemned to fail.

Cyprus stands for defence of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity within its internationally recognised borders.

For us, it’s not just a matter of political correctness. It comes from our bitter experience of foreign invasion and continued occupation for almost 50 years.

Ukraine has our support. As a Cypriot, I can tell you that respect for international law and the UN Charter should not have any footnotes. Within this framework, we consider President Zelenskyy’s Peace Formula as a good basis to start discussions to end the war, and we will support Ukraine for restoration and accession negotiations to the European Union.

In the same framework, we condemn ethnic policing in Nagorno-Karabakh and Hamas’s indiscriminate attacks in Israel. We support my country’s right to reunification and peaceful settlement according to the UN Resolutions.

Ladies and gentlemen, it's not the international system that is failing; it's us.

The fact that we tolerate such behaviours, propaganda, double standards, and violations of our norms and principles demands more democracy, justice, and honesty among us. That’s where our responsibility as parliamentarians lies.

Let’s ensure we are on the right side of history!

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