ZMINA: Human Rights Information Centre changes name and identity

Дата: 12 March 2019 Автор: Yelyzaveta Sokurenko
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The Human Rights Information Centre changes name into ZMINA Human Rights Centre and revitalizes its identity.

The refreshed elements of visual identity  logo, colors, style were presented on March 11.

The new name and identity have emerged as a result of the fundamental internal change the team has experienced,” says Tetiana Pechonchyk, the head of the organization. “We started in 2012 as an information centre, which aimed to talk about the human rights situation in Ukraine, explain and promote the initiatives of human rights activists. However, in course of time, we realized that is not enough just to inform people as we have to assume responsibility and make changes by ourselves.”

The new brand identity was formed as a result of extensive research via rethinking values and elaborating the mission of the organization: TO BUILD A COUNTRY, WHERE EVERYONE CAN PROTECT THEIR RIGHTS.

The refreshed identity of the organization is courageous and modern. It appeals to active people, who want to know their rights and defend them, who are ready to go upstream and inspire those, who do not keep silent seeing arbitration and injustice. The brave and those, who want to overcome their fears, as well as those, who doubt, and those, who already know the answers, can join us,” Tetiana Pechonchyk says.

According to her, the organization is committed to changes in Ukraine for sake of assertion of human rights: “Everyone should feel free: from fear and stereotypes, from violence and torture. We are fighting for freedom of speech and freedom of choice, freedom to live and freedom to love, freedom to be different. We erase the barriers: those around us and those in our mind. Everyone should have access to freedom, like to air we breathe. Freedom is the main change that should happen. And everyone should start with themselves.”

ZMINA Human Rights Centre works in the field of freedom of speech, freedom of movement, combating discrimination, prevention of torture and ill-treatment, combating impunity, support for human rights defenders and civil society activists on the territory of Ukraine, including in the occupied Crimea, as well as the protection of the rights of the armed conflict victims. The organization conducts information campaigns, educational programs, monitors and documents the cases of human rights violations, conducts research and analysis, and seeks changes through national and international advocacy.

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