Ukrainian Prisoners in Russia

Дата: 15 June 2016
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Detention of Ukrainian citizens started simultaneously with Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine in March 2014.

Ukrainians are arrested and interrogated by officers of Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) and Ministry of Interior (MVD), using brutal violence, tortures, medical mistreatment and psychological pressure. The FSB and/or Russian Investigative committee demanded confessions for plotting terrorist acts, creating a subversive groups and committing war crimes. Later the FSB resorted to kidnapping citizens of Ukraine in Crimea and Donbas and delivering them to detention facilities in Russia.

These people are of different ages, social backgrounds, political and cultural views but are united by the fact they are facing political prosecutions based on staged evidences.

Unfortunately, today we still do not have a complete list of those who are being detained in Russian jails, in contradiction with the laws and international norms.

Sergiy Lytvinov, Oleg Sentsov, Olexander Kolchenko, Mykola Karpyuk, Stanislav Klykh, Olexandr Kostenko, Akhtem Chiyhoz, Enver Mamutov and other…



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