Rally in Commemoration of Killed Euromaidan Activists

Дата: 23 January 2015 Автор: Mykola Mirnyj
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KYIV, January 22 – Thousands of people gathered in Independence Square to rally in commemoration of three activists killed during Euromaidan.

Their names were Sergey Nihoyan, Michael Zhyznyevskyy and Roman Senik.

The first cases of forced disappearances of the protesters occurred in January. Abducted people were severely beaten and tortured, physically and psychologically, and later left to die in the woods (in total three bodies were discovered with the explicit signs of torture, four people managed to survive and spent a significant amount of time in rehabilitation). 

There are still 134 missing people on the list of Euromaidan SOS. At least 121 people were killed during the protests or died in connection to them (including 17 law enforcement officers) and a thousand more were injured. 

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