Oleg Sentsov congratulated on his birthday in sign language

Дата: 13 July 2016 Автор: Nadiya Suha
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Ukrainian activists of the sign language have congratulated political prisoner Oleg Sentsov on his birthday. Oleg is 40 years old today.

On a video, the students of the sign language courses of the “Free School” project and teacher Laura Kalashnyk congratulate Oleg Sentsov on his birthday, recite a poem and tell him how they are waiting for his return home.

The initiator of congratulations to political prisoner became Kazakhstan citizen Dinara Kasymbekova, the activist of the Human Rights Information Centre.

Why have I chosen such a greeting? First, it is another opportunity to support our Oleg. Second, it is an opportunity to draw attention not only to Sentsov, but other Ukrainian political prisoners in Russia as well,” Dinara said.

The girl has been studying the sign language for two months. She says that such nontypical greeting is one of the most beautiful tools to attract “ordinary” citizens to the public activity.

The human rights activists usually speak about these problems. Our greeting involves ordinary people who study the sign language. It is a good opportunity to attract ‘ordinary’ citizens to the public activity, particularly those who cannot hear and use the sign language. It is also a chance to form the social activism among the persons with disabilities,” Kasymbekova stressed.

Oleg Sentsov and Oleksandr Kolchenko are the key figures in the “case of Crimean terrorists.” August 25 last year, the Russian court sentenced them to 20 and 10 years, respectively, for “terrorism.”

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