Why Do Roma Children Not Go to School?

Дата: 13 January 2015 Автор: Iryna Vyrtosu
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Roma children do not go to school due to poverty, early marriage (applies mostly to girls), neglect, and the reluctance of parents. Most parents are surprised when they are called to school about their children’s performance. On the other hand, there is hidden discrimination of Roma children, many of whom would like to go to school and learn from their peers, but are forced to accept veiled segregation.

According to unofficial data, around 5,000 Roma live in Uzhgorod, and about 14,000 in the Transcarpathian region. The lack of documents and frequent migration make it difficult to obtain exact numbers. About 10% of Roma children do not attend school at all. Why? To find an answer I went to the center of the Transcarpathian region. Read more in the article (Ukrainian).


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