Journalist of the Radio.Svoboda was probably captured by the militants of “DPR”

Дата: 07 June 2017
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Journalist Stanislav Vasin, who collaborates with the Dzerkalo Tyzhnia (Mirror of the Week) newspaper and with the Donbas.Realiyi project of the Radio.Svoboda (Radio Liberty), has gone missing in Donetsk. His colleagues and acquaintances believe that he was captured by the militants of the “DPR”.

As reported by Yegor Firsov, former Verkhovna Rada deputy, on his Facebook page.

“Journalist and writer Stanislav Vasin has gone missing in Donetsk. Most likely, he was captured by militants”, – wrote the former deputy.

Firsov also noted that Vasin’s Facebook page is active as before and messages are sent from it, as well as posts are published on it.

“Most likely, it is not Stas who writes on it, since he does not answer his phone”, – he added.

According to Firsov, relatives can not find the journalist, they can not contact him. There are signs of break-in and search in Vasin’s apartment.

He also reported that all this time Stanislav remained on an uncontrolled territory, in order to stay in the center of events and report about what is happening there.

As reported by Tetyana Yakubovych, Editor of the Donbas.Realiyi Radio, to the Detector Media, journalist Stanislav Vasin has not contacted his colleagues since June 2.

Yakubovych also added that journalist depicted the life of Donetsk: “With the help of these materials we found out how does the city beyond Kyiv’s control live”.

According to the Editor, journalist also wrote for Dzerkalo Tyzhnia, Ukrainian Week, but most of his publications he posted on his Facebook page.

The editorial staff considers the possibility that the journalist could be captured by the militants of the “DPR”, and that his Facebook page was hacked.

“We really consider the possibility that perhaps he is not leading his social network, because he does not answer calls, that we can not contact him. He also does not answer in working correspondence. Of course, we assume that he was detained by the so-called “DPR”. We have no confirmation of this and we follow the messages from there. Since, if he is detained, then there must be some message from them on which we can rely on. Currently, we can state that he has gone missing”, – said Yakubovych.

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