Female police officers of Kramatorsk town discriminated by their senior leadership

Дата: 18 November 2016
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Female police officers of Kramatorsk town, Donetsk region, state they suffer discrimination on part of their senior leadership.

This is stated in a letter sent to the Association of Ukrainian monitors of human rights in law enforcement. The authors of the letter claim that deputy chief of the Kramatorsk police department Andriy Drumov humiliates women, “obscenely joking about the size of their breasts and the number of sexual partners.”

Drumov says that if at least one woman argues with him, he will order her to patrol the cold streets,” the letter says.

The authors say that their chief not only behaves aggressively against women, but also unreasonably deprives them of bonuses.

Human rights organizations the Association of Ukrainian monitors of human rights in law enforcement and the Human Rights Information Centre made a joint appeal to Interior Minister of Ukraine Arsen Avakov and Acting National Police head Vadym Troyan, demanding to immediately investigate the facts contained in the letter and to take measures if they are confirmed.

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