According to the militants, a detained Luhansk blogger is a “spy” (video)

Дата: 30 November 2016
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The militants released a video of the detention of blogger Eduard Nedelyayev in Luhansk.

According to the so-called “MGB” of the terrorist organization “LNR”, the detained Luhansk blogger “Edward Ned” “distributed, according to experts, extremist materials” in the social networks. He is attributed “strong ties” with the employees of the Ukrainian special services and with “Aydar” battalion, which no longer exist.

The video demonstrated a barn studio full of different radioelectronics mechanisms.

“There are devices, materials and equipment that can be used in surveillance, remote control devices and for data transmission,” – the voice-over commented the video.

Meanwhile, the inhabitants of Luhansk inform that the blogger was detained for writing about the life of the city on his Facebook page and was not afraid to express a pro-Ukrainian position.

He published a lot of pro-Ukrainian posts in his blog. He also expressed his views on the situation in the occupied Luhansk and Russia.

In addition, he wrote on his page that he is an entrepreneur in radio designing. It also specifies the address of his web-site, where he publishes electronic projects that can be used free of charge.


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