Guard of Moscow’s gay club beats visitor with disability because of his wheelchair

Дата: 08 July 2016
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A guard of The Secret gay club in Moscow beat 23-year-old man with disabilities.

The incident occurred on Tuesday at about 4 am, the MK Russian newspaper reports.

Dmitry Zhdanov went there with his friend.

Zhdanov was born in the Mozhaisk penal colony (his mother was serving a sentence for murder) with a diagnosis of “mental retardation”. He received a disability after severe spinal injuries. He became famous for gathering graduates of children’s homes and boarding schools with the same disease, who would like to find a job. Now they provide courier, household, repair services. In addition, Dmitry publicly stated that people with disabilities can also be gay, and he is just one of them.

Tuesday night, Zhdanov was prevented from entering the club in a wheelchair. Then, the men decided to leave it near the wardrobe, and the friend carried Dmitry on his hands on the summer terrace.

Soon, a man came to them, who, with the words of the victim, was working in this club as a security guard. The man said that the wheelchair obstructs the entrance and that he considered Zhdanov and the like to be free riders with disabilities, as he had served in Afghanistan. He punched a guy in the face, then Zhdanov fell, drawing blood from knees, hands, bruising kidney. People on the veranda began to record what was happening on the video. At the same time, they demanded an apology from the attacker. The administrators came out, having heard the noise, and asked them not to call the police. However, Dmitry registered his injuries and wrote a statement to the police.

The club gives no comments on the incident.

As Zhdanov’s friend Alek Naza posted on Facebook, “Dmitry waited for the police to arrive for 40 minutes. They did not come.”

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