‘DPR’ militants intend to confiscate housing of ‘public enemies’

Дата: 18 October 2016
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The residents of the temporarily uncontrolled part of Donetsk region, who have left their homes because of the armed conflict, risk losing their property, if the “DPR” militants “legislatively” recognize them as “enemies.”

So-called “Mayor” of Donetsk city Ihor Martynov said this in an interview with militant-controlled OplotTV.

When asked about the possibility of confiscation of property of city residents, who have left their homes, and transfer it to citizens, who lost their homes because of fighting, Martynov said:

We understand that abandoned apartments are someone’s property. Therefore, we should consider this issue very carefully. We should understand whose apartments these are. That is, we are the country in war now, we have the country which we fighting against, there are people who do us harm, they are our enemies and so on. I would not want to do this indiscriminately, there should be a very clear approach: who our real enemy is. We must stipulate everything legislatively and then a question should arise: if there is a public enemy, the movable and immovable property of such a person is confiscated, and then it becomes people’s property.”

Martynov also noted that “the administration had the full list of unfinished and abandoned residential buildings.”


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