In Avdiivka man injured due to shelling – ATO headquarters

Дата: 06 April 2017
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In Avdiivka, a local resident, 1955 year of birth, injured due to shelling of the illegal armed group of Donetsk.

As reported by Vyacheslav Chepurnoy, Head of the press center of the ATO headquarters, during the broadcast of 112 Ukraine TV channel.

Man received a splinter wound of the shoulder when a mine, which flew into the courtyard of his house, exploded.

According to him, militants are shelling Avdiivka for several hours. They are using grenade launchers and mortars.

Ukrainian military open fire in response.

Earlier, Yuriy Lutsenko, General Prosecutor of Ukraine, said that people who have committed murder, torture, rape, caused severe bodily harm and kidnapping may not be admitted to amnesty.

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