Ukrainian lawyer Zakrevska banned from entering Crimea

Дата: 23 August 2016
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Russian border guards did not allow Ukrainian lawyer and human rights activist Yevheniya Zakrevska to enter the territory of the annexed Crimea, reasoning this with a travel ban to the Russian Federation.

Zakrevska wrote this on Facebook.

While going through a passport check-point, the border guards exchanged glances, took my passport away and told me to wait. As it turned out, they did so to print the official travel ban notice valid till September, 1, 2020, and one of them read it aloud to me,” Zakrevska said this in a commentary to Hromadske TV.

The travel ban was based upon FSB decision issued in accordance with Article 27 Chapter 1 of Federal Law No. 114 on the procedure for leaving and entering the territory of the Russian Federation. The border guard explained that, according to FSB, I pose a threat to the defense or national security of the Russian Federation,” the lawyer added.

The border guards could not explain what actions caused a threat like that.      

Zakrevska links the travel ban to her recent article about convicted in Crimea human rights activist Emir-Usein Kuku, whose interests she represents in Ukraine and at the European Court of Human Rights.

As reported, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry applied to the Russian de facto authorities in Crimea with the requirement to provide the international human rights organizations with an access to the peninsula in order to monitor the human rights situation.

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